ITRANS Font Install Instructions (HTML display)

Installing fonts for X11R6/PC/Mac

All these fonts are present in the ITRANS "lib/fonts" directory. So, to get these fonts, you've to first download the ITRANS 5.2 package.

This section explains how to install the TrueType or Type1 fonts so that Itrans output can be viewed directly using WWW browsers such as Netscape 3.x.

If you know how to install fonts on your system, you may not need to read the detailed instructions here, it may be enough just to find the names of the font files listed here, and then install the font on your system.

Xdvng font files (Devanagari):

    X11R6            PC (Windows)     Mac
    ------------     ------------     ------------
    xdvng.pfb        xdvng.ttf        xdvng.hqx

ItxGuj font files (Gujarati):

    X11R6            PC (Windows)     Mac
    ------------     ------------     ------------
    itxguj.pfb       itxguj.ttf       itxguj.hqx

ItxBeng font files (Bengali):

    X11R6            PC (Windows)     Mac
    ------------     ------------     ------------
    itxbeng.pfb      itxbeng.ttf      itxbeng.hqx

CSUtopia font files (Romanized Devanagari):

    X11R6            PC (Windows)         Mac
    ------------     ------------         ------------
    putb8iX.pfb      (not available yet) (not available yet)
    putbi8iX.pfb     (not available yet) (not available yet)
    putr8iX.pfb      (not available yet) (not available yet)
    putri8iX.pfb     (not available yet) (not available yet)

Washinton Roman Indic font files:

    X11R6            PC (Windows)         Mac
    ------------     ------------         ------------
    n/a	             wnribx.ttf           n/a
    n/a	             wnrir.ttf            n/a
    n/a	             wnriti.ttf           n/a

[[*]] Mac instructions.

The Mac font is available as a .hqx file, which is an encoded form of the font suitcase.

[[*]] PC (Windows) instructions.

The PC font is available as a TrueType font file (.ttf).

[[*]] X11R6 instructions.

Unix systems running X11R6 now support PostScript Type 1 fonts.

Technical issues:
[Feel free to skip the next few paragraphs and jump directly to the list of steps required to install Type 1 fonts for X11R6. The following paragraphs just provide some technical background on all the tricks that had to be followed to get the font working under X11R6 and to make it easy to browse documents using these fonts on the WWW.]

I discovered a problem with the Type 1 rasterizer of X11R6, it seems that it just ignores the encoding defined in the font, and always accesses the font assuming it is ISOLatin1 encoded.

Clearly, these Indic fonts are in a fontspecific encoding, they are definitely not in the Latin1 encoding. We have to fool X11R6 into thinking that way, so the fonts are created using Latin1 encoding. That is with respect to font creation, for font installion, we still have a choice on how to choose the XLFD name of the font. To be correct, we should use a XLFD name that identifies these fonts as having a "fontspecific" encoding. But if we do this, then under Netscape, we have to select the "User Defined" encoding each time we visit a page using these fonts. So, we have to provide yet another fake artifact - we name the font two ways: one is the correct fontspecific name (so that the user can select the "User Defined" document encoding option and have everything displayed correctly), and another name that defines the font as a iso8859-1 encoded font. The iso8859-1 encoding is a fake definition for the regions where Latin1 is the default encoding (North America, most parts of Europe, etc). If you are in a region where the default encoding is different from iso8859-1, you should change the iso8859-1 words in the following list of instructions to the XLFD name of your default encoding.

Anyway, here are the steps to install a Type 1 font under X11R6:

Classical Sanskrit (Roman) encoded fonts issues:

PC platform note: As of Dec 96, I could not get the CSUtopia TrueType fonts to work on PC Windows systems. So, instead of CSUtopia, I'm using the Washington Roman Indic font for displaying the text in Romanized Devanagari on PC platforms (Windows 3.1/95/NT). Both these fonts are in the Classical Sanskrit (Roman) encoding, so are compatible with each other.

Mac platform note: As of Dec 96, no CS/CSX font is available, so this text cannot be viewed correctly on a Mac.

CSUtopia works on Unix/X11R6 Windowing systems and PostScript printers only.


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