Minimize Leftover - MetroCard Refill


Enter current balance in dollar amounts as a decimal number in the text field.

Optionally, if purchasing with cash from a manned ticket booth, uncheck the Vending machine box.

The table with the refill amounts will update when the typing of the entry in the balance field is completed.
The entry can be completed by clicking or touching outside the balance field (such as on the table) or typing a Tab or an Enter key in it.
Table will also update on any click or touch on the Vending machine checkbox option.

The refill amounts are displayed in a table. Total Rides shows the number of rides available for a standard subway ticket. The remaining columns show the amount to be added, the total amount on the card, and the amount leftover after the total number of rides are used up.

The table heading row will blink to indicate that the table data has been updated and refreshed.

The first row in the table shows the number of rides based on the current balance on the card.


This calculator is useful for tourists who want to buy a Per-Per-Ride card. It shows amount to add to receive a certain number of rides. It also shows left-over amounts if the card started off with a balance.


Vending machines only allow for purchase amounts that are rounded to nickels ($0.05). Manned ticket booths may accept single cent cash amounts.

There may be minimum and maximum purchases. For example, $1 to $100 may be limits for actual purchases.

There is a $1 charge for purchasing a new MetroCard.

When purchasing 3 or more additional rides, this calculator will minimize the leftover to be no more than a nickel.

MetroCard® is a registered trademark of the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

Wikipedia entry - NYC MetroCard


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The offline New York Subway Card Refill Calculator application is available in the Google Play Store.

Note that the offline app is not updated on a regular basis. When possible, use the online web page below which is updated more often and will include any recent MTA rate changes.
Online NYC MetroCard Refill Calculator at The source code is also available online.

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