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ITRANS Song Book

[ Song Lyrics, Plays, and Texts, in Indian Scripts ]

This page is here for historical purposes, for currently active archives and song collections, please visit the other main collections site, for example: giitaayan

- January 2006

Song lyrics and plays displayed in English (using ITRANS encoding) and in Devanagari (using Unicode fonts).

ISB: Hindi

Hindi film songs, 3000 lyrics.
More songs at the current isongs archive: giitaayan

ISB: Urdu Poetry

Around 1000+ gazals and nazms.
Song files from: Nita's Urdu Poetry Page.

ISB: Marathi

Around 100+ lyrics, Marathi songs.
Song files from: ITRANS Song Book Archive.
Even more marathi songs are available at: Shatataarakaa.

The Main Collections

I do not maintain these archives, the links above are just mirrors of the main collections stored elsewhere. If you wish to add a song or correct some mistakes, please visit the following pages for information or visit the Usenet newsgroup

Download ISongs Collection

For those who wish to download the ISongs collection at this web-site (including both the ITRANS English encoded songs, and the Unicode font version), there are ZIP archives of the folder available.

Note that these are the old, original archives, they only contain a small number of songs. For current archive collections, visit the links provided elsewhere on this page, in the main collections section. [ 7 kbytes] -- Some support files and scripts [7670 kbytes] -- Hindi Songs Archive - ITRANS and Devanagari. [ 273 kbytes] -- Marathi Songs Archive - ITRANS and Devanagari. [3583 kbytes] -- Urdu Ghazals Archive - ITRANS and Devanagari. Older archives may also exist here.

Technical Information Section

Viewing the Devanagari (or Gujarati, Bengali, etc) text in the song requires Unicode font support for that language.

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