Was actually a huge success. I found none of the expected homophobic displays of ignorance. I found standing room only, thundering applause. I found a genuine warmth and appreciation for a different story and I only received encouragement and praise for the film. I have to say that I have a new faith in India and am embarrassed that I bought into all the media hype of the crazy conservatives terrorizing everyone. This is not to say that India is without it’s problems because it was very disheartening to find negotiating my way through Mumbai alone as a woman was much more difficult than when I was in the company of men. But Mumbai is a very large, very diverse, very opinionated fast, dirty, and out of control city. The public knowledge of the film industry blows los angeles out of the game - and most illuminating of all - this industry exists without a care, it seems, for what is going on in LA. Sure there is an appreciation of the top money making films - but I was struck by the disregard for Hollywood celebrity and the complete Indian centric attitudes of the local film scene. It was a deep breath of polluted air and I loved it. And after I can afford my own oxygen tank, I will can’t wait to return to Mumbai.