Hey there Nisha fans and friends,
I was lucky enough to meet Nisha last week when she screened Cosmopolitan for my class at BU. At dinner that night she got to experience firsthand the hysterical ecstasy as the Red Sox finally beat the Yankees (an experience I am sure she will not soon forget considering Bostonians don’t tend to riot everyday). So Nisha asked me to share with all of you a little bit of the insanity that surrounds the Red Sox and their appearance in the World Series. With the Sox one win away from winning their first World Series since 1918, I swear to you, the saying “you could cut the tension with a knife” has no better reality than walking around this city gazing at all the hopeful and tense faces underneath those B-stamped baseball caps. I am a transplant to this city, but coming from Chicago I know a thing or two about curses. People here have literally been waiting for this their whole lives. Some were there back in 1918 when they last won a Series, and others have never known anything but defeat. With the Yankees Evil Empire out of the way, it really seems half of the curse is already broken. Whether you like the Red Sox, or even baseball, do yourself a favor and watch the outcome of this Series. Because if the Red Sox prevail, history will be rewritten, and the city may very well burn, in which case I may move. Though don’t forget in all this baseball fever to vote, though the election seems like an afterthought in Kerry’s hometown compared to the awesome majesty of a potential Red Sox win. If the gods are favorable, Boston could win the World Series, and the free world, all in one week. Cross your fingers, do a rain dance, anything to stop Bush from winning. And sorry Nisha and all you other New Yorkers about the Yankees, but everyone needs a break from winning now and again.