From many guest book entries - I gather that we’ve been cross referenced with some site that supplies surrogate mothers. It’s so fascinating to read the posts that I have yet to ask our web master to take them down. It does concern me that a guestbook for a fiction film seems an appropriate place to some for posting a want ad for surrogate mothers. Then I thought about it and figured - maybe we should have info on the topic on our site. I thought some more and realized - I am far far far far far from being an expert on this topic. But when Shawna wrote and asked for Info on baby adoption… I thought - okay let’s put some resources up. Mindy - the friend I trust most for this kind of research - came up with the following places to get more info. I hope it helps… Enjoy:

Parenting info from PlanetOut:

Parenting info from

Family Pride has some good booklets:

Family/parenting info from HRC :