I can walk to the beach in seven minutes from my new apartment.
It’s not really my new apartment - but it’s new to me… i guess that is more accurate.

I walked down to muscle beach — apparently Santa monica felt the need to put up a sign informing everyone that THIS was the official location of the original muscle beach - and not those copying venice beach copiers.

Who are these men? There are tons of them - in the best shape you’ve ever seen. I mean, I have not seen bodies like this since I last watched the olympics. Incredible upper bodies - no one gives a shit about their legs… but they are there all day. Just working those parallel bars and swinging on those rings…. back and forth - like they feel more at home swinging through the air than on the ground. Some of them have serious hand gear on - and don’t mess around. but I liked the guys in jeans and no shirts- just swinging from one end to the water and flying through the air with a graceful thud into the warm sand.

I have no idea who they are - or why they have time to get their bodies into that kind of shape… after being mesmerized for over an hour - i worked up the nerve to go over to a set of solitary rings. I pulled myself up and hung upside down. One to prove that I could still lift my own body weight.

Hanging upside down every now and again is important. Shifting perspective so that the blue water was now the blue blue sky. It’s also important to remember to tuck in your shirt first.