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“Every bit as acute as Monsoon Wedding, but more subtle in its blend of cultural satire and social comment, Nisha Ganatra’s cinema directorial debut provides a wry analysis of the way in which family ties tend to bind individuality... ” -- EMPIRE

Reviews, Quotes in the media

"Hollywood could learn a thing or two from Chutney Popcorn." - New York Times

"One of the delights of Carnival and Ganatra's script is the consistency with which it manages to surprise" - VARIETY

"A film we can all relate to. A great debut feature." - Diva

"A lovely, funny and touching film. Look out for blessing ceremonies with girls and their mother, and also the dyke-spotting scene! Best film title of the month **** " - OUT

"a delightful and heartfelt comedy" - NOW UK

"The story ... carries off the tricky feat of being wisecracking one minute and serious the next while staying true to its characters and sustaining a jovial easygoing tone", Review by Stephen Holden, New York Times.

SK's "Films Worth Seeing" -- "The film's chief triumph is its tone..." Review by Stanley Kauffmann, in The New Republic

"Chutney Popcorn is sweet and salty", Review by Jay Carr, in the Boston Globe.

"Snap, Crackle, and Pop", Review by Catharine Tunnacliffe, in the Toronto Eye.

"Cleverly written...", Berlin Film Festival 2000 Review by Eddie Cockrell

"An Eclectic Comedy for Our Times", Review by Stel Fine,

"A sweet and inventive comedy" - The Boston Phoenix

"Treats delicate topics with wit, sensitivity, and humor... Jaffrey turns in the most bitingly funny maternal portrait since Debbie Reynolds in Mother" - Variety

"Audiences eat up Chutney Popcorn...", at thinkIndia.

Article, and review, by Rachel Kramer Bussel writing for TechnoDyke.

"The production values and cinematography are outstanding... in the Berlin Film Festival, 'Chutney Popcorn' won second place in the Panorama Audience Award and it's easy to see why." - Rainbow Network

Nisha Ganatra and Jill Hennessy talk to Jeff Calley at Hangin'OUT about the film. Audio Clip [RealPlayer G2]

"... delivering a story richly detailed in the traditions ...", Review by Loren King, PlanetOut PopcornQ

"Rare treat..." Review by John Black at digitalcity

"A breezy, engaging comedy..." - The Hollywood Reporter

Article: The accidental actress by Chris Lee

Tickets worth paying the scalper for, from

A Spicy Debut by Kavita Chandran, from LittleIndia

"... colorful comedy", TV Guide Review by Ken Fox

"The movie was great! It was a humorous and realistic look ...", Review by Aparita Bhandari

1999's best films by Aniruddh Chawda, from indiacurrents

"Fine performances and a hearty dose of smart-mouthed wise-cracking" - LA Weekly

"A genuinely heartfelt film" - Indie Wire

"(the kind of) energy and creativity that mark the best Indie Features" - Filmmaker 25 New Faces

"The BEST Independent Feature Film I've seen all year." - Mary Glucksman, First Look Film Series

Article By Lisa Tsering, from India-West

Berlin report by Meenakshi Shedde, from FIPRESCI

Completed Screenings:

South Africa: Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban.
Italy: Milan, Bologna, Venice, Rome.
Lisbon, Portugal: Festival de Cinema Gay e Lésbico de Lisboa
Zaragoza, Spain: V International Women's Film Festival
Seoul, Korea Women's Film Festival
Turkey: Istanbul Independent Film Festival
Brooklyn, NY: Brooklyn Academy of Music
Dartmouth, NH
Madrid, Spain: Madrid Film Festival
Paris, France: Paris International Festival
Charlottesville, VA: OFFScreen
Charlotte, NC: Park Terrace Cinemas
Atlanta, GA: Cinefest Film Theatre, Galaxy Cinemas
Old Mesilla, NM: Mesilla Valley G&L Film Festival
   Amsterdam: Cinecenter
   Rotterdam: Lantaren/Venster
   Den Haag: Haags Filmhuis
   Utrecht: 'T Hoogt
   Arnhem: Filmhuis
   Breda: Chassé
   Nijmegen: LUX
   Maastricht : Lumière
Madison Heights, Michigan: AMC Abbey Theater
Cleveland, Ohio: Cleveland Cinematheque
Phoenix, Arizona: Out Far! Film Festival
Montpelier, Vermont: The Savoy Theater
Long Island, NY: Cinema Arts Center
Montreal: Cinema du Parc
Indianapolis: South Keystone Art Cinemas
Missouri: Ragtag Cinema
Vancouver: Film Festival; Tinseltown Cinemas
London: National Film Theater, London G & L Film Festival.
Boston: Boston Film Festival; Brattle Theater; Coolidge Corner Theater.
Provincetown: New Art Theater
Toronto: Toronto G&L Film Festival (closing night film); Carlton Cinemas.
Berlin: Berlin Film Festival 2000.
Seattle: Seattle Film Festival.
Newport, Rhode Island: Newport Film Festival.
San Francisco: Castro Theater; Roxie Cinema.
Los Angeles: World Premiere, Los Angeles Independent Film Festival.
New York: Cinema Village
Pittsburgh: Harris Theatre
Washington DC: Reel Affirmations Film Festival; Visions Cinema.
Waterville, Maine: Railroad Square Cinema
Chicago: Reeling 2000 Film Festival; Facets Cinemateque
Indianapolis: South Keystone Art Cinemas

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