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 Nisha Ganatra
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thembi  · toneheim folkehøgskule  · <>  ·· 13-Jan-07, Sat 19:39 UTC

hi i´ve managed to watch the whole chutney popcorn,and i´m on my space now,so can you please send me your other movies.Thanx.

sami  · <>  ·· 13-Jan-07, Sat 16:31 UTC

I think Cake is the best movie ever. U rock

Cara  · <>  ··  6-Dec-06, Wed 19:17 UTC

Does anyone know Priscilla Lopez's contact information? I am playing Morales in the show A Chorus Line and I would really like to get some insight on her life. You can either repost on this guestbook or e-mail me
thank you!

Angela  · <>  ··  6-Nov-06, Mon 19:13 UTC

Hi Nisha,
Love your work. Looking forward to seeing more of your talents.

Nisha Mary Marie David  · Mount Saint Mary College, New York  · <>  ··  8-Oct-06, Sun 02:48 UTC

Ms. Nisha Ganatra,
It is unexplainable how this weekend has unfolded for me. My parents went to a wedding in Canada this weekend for 3 days. I couldn't go because I had to work (I'm becoming a future nurse by December). Anyways I had come across the movie Cake in Blockbuster and something promted me to check it out. Well I watched the movie and I loved it. I did like the actors and the story line. However, a couple years back I had taken a film class and thereafter I have viewed films differently. In other words from the eyes of a director. Even though the premise of the movie touched me, I have to say your direction captured my attention the most and I trully admired the artisistry of the whole film. Suprizingly enough to make the story even more I guess wierd you would say is that while the credits came on at the end I saw my name "Nisha" and abviously that being your name as well captured my attention. So, therefore I felt to give it a shot to write something up to see if I could atleast share this experience that I had with you or whoever ends up reading this :) Thank You, Nisha
Life may be short but the book that each one of us have filled with memories, love, sadness etc. never ends. Like a book we can always go back to replay everything in our mind, heart, and soul.- Nisha David

thembi  · Toneheim folkehøskule  · <>  ·· 16-Sep-06, Sat 15:35 UTC

i just came to know your movie"CHUTNEY POPCORN".So i would like to watch the whole movie.

crazy guy  · MOhammed School of Studies  · <>  ··  8-Sep-06, Fri 05:55 UTC

i just came to know of your movie "JUNKY PUNKY GIRLZ".
I am more interested in body piercing according to tradition. So i would like to watch your full movie.
In IFILM website only one minute clip could be seen.I want to watch complete movie of "JUNKY PUNKY GIRLZ". Please send link soon. Awaiting your reply.

Anuja Shah  · UC San Diego  · <>  ·· 13-Jul-06, Thu 04:41 UTC

Hey Nisha!!
I loved Chutney Popcorn and I'm so happy to have met you in person.
Looking forward to watching some more excellent films by you!

William  · <>  ·· 11-Jul-06, Tue 06:19 UTC

Best regards from NY!

Yvonne  · <>  ·· 24-May-06, Wed 19:53 UTC

Hi Nisha,
Just found this website and wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I enjoyed Chutney Popcorn. We viewed it again for about the 6th time and it still makes you laugh and think in all the right places! Looking forward to seeing more of your work.
Glad I purchased this DVD when it first hit the market!!!

Boise Idaho  ·· 18-Mar-06, Sat 05:58 UTC

THANK YOU for such a fun and touching piece and especially for the chance to enjoy Roshan Seth. He brings such warmth and depth to his portrayals and he remains a "hottie" across any ethnic lines! How can "main stream" producers NOT be utilizing his fine and elegant talent. A mystery indeed.

Jim Corlett  · Walkertown, NC  ·· 18-Mar-06, Sat 05:55 UTC

What an esquisite Film!! Such a fine mixture of techniques from India and docudrama...that contributed to the delicate exploration of the cultural differences--all summed up in the quiet Thank you for the cricket bat. Have enjoyed Roshan Seth's work since "My Beautiful Launderete"--someday the world of the Indian student in America or the life in California's Sikh communities will be discovered. Thanks & Banakam!

Jane Alexopoulos  · Milwaukee, WI  ·· 18-Mar-06, Sat 05:54 UTC

I really loved this movie. The writing in the film was unbelievable. I didn't want the film to end. Brava to the writer and Brave to all the other important players in making this film.
I believe that it is important for immigrants to remember where they came from however the immense need to fit in or be excepted can almost extinguish a person's culture. I am thankful that my parents, especially my father, made sure that our culture and language was kept. It wasn't cool to be bilingual when I was growing up in a German neighborhood. Now it is and I am happy that I have my culture and strong family ties. When the friends of the family were comparing their daughter to Gopol's daughter's accomplishments, I thought I would die. I laughed so much and also felt great empathy for Gopol's situation.
I know of Bollywood films due to my college roommate's family being from India. I hope that Bollywood isn't going toward Hollywood in that the sweetness and rather dorkiness is loveable. Hollywood has become tainted. I love the old Hollywood movies that were like Bollywood.
I have seen Roshan Seth in many movies in which he acted. I love foreign films and I believe that the "American Audience" will be very very very slow to groove to foreign films or foreign actors. Until film writers and script writers have quality material, like Cosmopolitan, I don't think gifted and talented actors like Roshan Seth will want to take them. We don't need an Indian "Jackie Chan" if you know what I mean. I love roles that are thoughtful and make you think.

Hannah Medrow  · Milwaukee, WI  ·· 18-Mar-06, Sat 05:53 UTC

Cosmopolitan accurately depicted the way everyday small things add-up to create the big things in life. The story was sweet and touching without exploiting cheap sentiment. The performances were great, too, making the characters believable and very likeable. Visually, the movie was pleasing, especially some of the colors in the sets and the flashback scenes to Gopal's boyhood. I really enjoyed this movie. I'm glad I tuned in to Independent Lense last night.

Jeff Jones  · San Francisco, CA  ·· 18-Mar-06, Sat 05:52 UTC

Usually I quite dislike the romantic comedy genre. Yet this was the most entertaining, if not adorable film I've seen in years.
What I enjoyed was that the film didn't serve up the usual cliches about suddenly single men. Roshan Seth's character, though awkward, was refreshingly sensitive. Carol Kane was equally endearing.
And the Bollywood fantasy sequences were an absolute delight. Still more gratifying is to see the growing influence of Indian talent in the American media.
I will be sure to recommend this film to all my friends.

Megha Shyam  · Corvallis, OR  ·· 18-Mar-06, Sat 05:52 UTC

We saw Cosmoplitan last night. Wow! the story line was very plausible and I can think of many friends and collegues who could be a deadringer for Seth's Gopal, as well as the role of Kane's Helen.
Awesome. I can't wait for the director's next effort.
megha shyam

Txia  · La Crosse, WI  ·· 18-Mar-06, Sat 05:51 UTC

I am really getting into Independent Lens and enjoying the movie shows. Thanks PBS for your support for various cultural movies. I have to say that the movie was really funny and something that most of us can relate to in everyday life! I loved it and would like to see more movies like this!

Anne  ·· 18-Mar-06, Sat 05:50 UTC

I saw Cosmopolitan last night and absolutely loved it, laughed many times out loud. Very witty, loved the candy-colored style, and the acting and directing were absolutely first rate. Congratulations on such an original work. Thanks for keeping on-

Vipin Agarwalla  · Queens, NY  ·· 18-Mar-06, Sat 05:49 UTC

It was a delight to watch this beautifully made movie.
I agree with the comments made by Jane from Milwaukee that "it is important for immigrants to remember where they came from however the immense need to fit in or be excepted can almost extinguish a person's culture."

Ravi Kumar  ·· 18-Mar-06, Sat 05:48 UTC

I have read the original short story by Mr.Akhil Sharma and unfortunately saw only the last 10 odd minutes of this movie.
Even so, the movie left me with a lot of soul searching.
Would it be too much to request PBS and gigantic pictures to air this movie once again sometime later this year so that viewers may have a chance to see it in it's entirety.
Thank you for choosing good movies. But PBS needs to publicize the Independentlens more aggressively so that it is not lost in the sea of the excellent and factual documentaries.
I hope you really do air this movie again.
Ravi Kumar

Kevin Fields  · Mt. Sterling, KY  ·· 18-Mar-06, Sat 05:48 UTC

This was a beautiful film! I loved every minute of it, I wasn't disappointed in the least. Independent Lens is quickly becoming my new Saturday night obsession thanks to great quality films like this

Laura Ryan  · <Memphis, TN>  ·· 18-Mar-06, Sat 05:47 UTC

Charming! First rate writing, very rare these days on television. First rate actors, they may be on the B-List but not in my book. Sequel perhaps?

J. Chowdhury  · Dallas, TX  ·· 18-Mar-06, Sat 05:47 UTC

What a serendipitous discovery! Like many other PBS progams, it shows what television could have been, can be, and should be.
Thank you so much for airing what might be beyond the grasp of a contemporary mass audience, numbed by the typical brainless fare.

Ron  · Dallas, TX  ·· 18-Mar-06, Sat 05:46 UTC

I unfortunately only got to see the last 15 minutes of the movie, but what I saw was great. Seth is an amazing actor who shows so much depth in his role. Unfortunately, we're in a time when Indian actors can't find consistent work in the US, or suffer from typecasting. Such practices only deprive American audiences of wonderful actors. I applaud Independent Lens by showing such great films on a consistent basis. It will take some time, but with programs like Independent Lens giving unknown actors and films a start, American film companies won't be able to deny this wealth of talent.

Alex Zaphiris  · <>  ·· 12-Mar-06, Sun 00:06 UTC

hey nisha--
it's been a million and a half years, i hope you are well. i was watching bride and prejudice and was psyched to see your brother-- congrats on all your successes, i'm so happy for you!- also, it's awesome that you have been working with my old friend lorene! what a small world, send my hello's! brief update on me, i went to med school, have been studying alternative med stuff including osteopathy and i'm living in connecticut, moving up to maine this summer to finish residency.

nisha  ·· 12-Feb-06, Sun 20:45 UTC

hi summer-
thanks for the message. It means a lot that you wrote here even if we didn't get to speak in the store. Thank for supporting my films and my work. It means so much to know there is an audience out there for films like this... I'm working hard to have another one out before the end of the year.
p.s. i love campers!

Summer  ··  3-Feb-06, Fri 08:10 UTC

Hi Nisha - I realized after you had left Camper in California that it was you. I am a really big fan of Chutney Popcorn. I wish I had spoken up before you left the store. I look forward to seeing your other movies.

shrysh  · <>  ·· 30-Jan-06, Mon 20:21 UTC

hi nisha,read lot about ur work from website.well, i wanna say that i wud like to work with u .im an actor from mumbai, e-mail id is: lemme know how to contact u or how to send u my pics.thanx
waiting for ur early response

Veronica  · <>  ··  4-Dec-05, Sun 04:30 UTC

Very funny movie with an upbeat aproach to weddings. I am not fond of marriage and this movie was a true delight. I really liked the music at the end of the movie. Very catchy tune does anyone know who the singer is??

Margo Purcell  · Open To Possibilities  · <>  ··  3-Dec-05, Sat 01:33 UTC

Congratulations on Cake. It is being advertised on the radio here in Calgary and I am looking forward to seeing it with some girlfriends next week (if all goes as planned). I'm especially looking forward to seeing Sandra in poofy, pink satin!
All the best,

The Joys  · THE JOYS  · <>  ·· 20-Nov-05, Sun 23:20 UTC

Hey!!! I can't wait to see this movie! Our song, 'DO I', will be playing during the credits, and we're honoured to be a part of this project!
Good luck with the release!

gord giza  · <>  ·· 19-Nov-05, Sat 01:31 UTC

i just want to say i have never seen CAKE but i do really want to. i love THE JOYS they did the song on the cretis if you liek the song there web site is

Heidi Martinuzzi  · Film Threat,  · <>  ··  4-Nov-05, Fri 01:05 UTC

learned about CAKE at the AFM today... it looks great. I can't wait to review it!
-heidi martinuzzi, from

Valerie Sorrells  · Sinclair Community College  · <>  ··  3-Nov-05, Thu 03:18 UTC

Hi I am a 22 year old college student from Ohio. I just had a healthy 8 pound 1 ounce baby boy in June, and I would love to have a baby for someone who is unable to have children. I am 5'4, 113 pounds, athletic, brown hair and eyes.

Dawn Montgomery  · <>  ··  1-Nov-05, Tue 21:20 UTC

i am 29 years old, i have three beautiful children of my own. i am divorced. i have always said i would love to have more children, but due to my divorce i decided to have my tubes tied. i love being pregnant and all three of my children were very healthy. i do not smoke nor do i drink. i would love to be a seregant mother. if you are interested please feel free to contact me. i live in south carolina.

Deepak Naresh  · media organisation in delhi (india)  · <>  ··  1-Nov-05, Tue 12:24 UTC

Hi Nisha,
I hail from balrampur a small town adjecent to indo-nepal border in UP district in india.
would you like to have some of my scripts tranlated into your kind of movies.
scripts are truley of your taste.

Nikayla  · Red Bluff High  · <>  ·· 28-Oct-05, Fri 00:09 UTC

"Chutney Popcorn" was one of the most incredible films I have EVER had the pleasure of viewing. The filming was wonderful, the acting impeccable. This film MUST be seen.

gabriella maselli  ··  3-Sep-05, Sat 12:49 UTC

Hello is this Nisha from UCLA? It's gabriella from australia
my email address is

Bethleana  · <>  ·· 31-Aug-05, Wed 08:03 UTC

I love childern and would love to help out a couple.I have a blessing of my own and just want to help.
Please call me 775-673-4614

younus ganatra  · prsident ganatra welfare society  · <>  ·· 15-Aug-05, Mon 20:14 UTC

i know your name in local news paper in america that i have proud your achement a making film in america we all ganatra living in pakistan salute you

Ashley  · <>  ··  8-Aug-05, Mon 13:28 UTC

I am a 22 y/o happily married white female. I live in Pensylvania. I have one child who was born about a month ago. I have thought a lot about this and I would love to give someone the joy and happienes of having a child. If anyone is interested please e-mail me.

a fan for life  · <>  ·· 31-Jul-05, Sun 20:15 UTC

Hello Nisha. Just watched Chutney Popcorn after waiting two weeks for international delivery. Thanks for creating such a remarkable film. To watch a film with real Indian characters living real lives was refreshing. As a South African Indian, this is the first time I have ever seen myself portrayed on screen (I dont exactly fit the bit part doctor/lawyer or bollywood starlet mould! :)) Look forward to seeing more of you work.
B.t.w rewatched the film with commentary. v interesting...did someone really have an issue with the spelling of 'Girl's'? You cant be serious!!

Sonia  · <>  ·· 24-Jul-05, Sun 07:48 UTC

Thanks for replying, but it still didn't work... my mail was bounced back again, may be this account is overflowing its limit.
Anyway, I'll write it here.
Well, I watched "chutney popcorn" recently and liked it... I don know if that makes me a "fan" ... but I NEVER write emails to actors/directors, so yes definitely there is something about "Reena" or "Nisha" which made me write this email.. please accept my compliments for your direction--rich, subtle, very elegant direction!!!!!
How did you create this character?... "Reena" is sad, has a depth in her eyes and in the whole movie, I didnt find her "totally happy"... I felt as if she is searching for more in life...
I understand that you wanted somebody else to play "Reena" and may be that person would have depicted her in a different way..... but seems like this character,with you acting, was made more REAL ..... I wanna know if you, as a real person, can relate to this character in anyway?... or its just a girl from director's/writer's imagination? I just found "Reena" sad ... Did you deliberately wanted her like that or it just evolved that way?...
Anyway, here's a poem I wrote about Reena's character (real or imaginary)
Depth of those eyes just kept me engaged,
Beneath that expression, something more was caged
The loneliness of a lifetime, a sadness unknown on outer gaze,
A sign of tiring search, an enigma trying to clear all the life's haze
Or was it all I wanted to see, was it just my own pain,
Did I try to go beyond the surface, walked on a dream lane
Was it my soul yearning, or was it all you,
May be it was a dream, far from reality and being true!
Would love to get a reply from you ...
Your movie has inspired me in many ways!

Mata Productions  · <>  ·· 23-Jul-05, Sat 01:56 UTC

hello - is still the right email address for our company. If it bounced back it must have been some temporary aol error.
Thank you!

ellen  · <>  ·· 20-Jul-05, Wed 23:57 UTC

I am 27 and am happily married and have 2 beautiful children, I also have a step son so my family is complete in my eyes. I know so many familys that cant have children and I would love to help with giving the gift of a child to them. I just dont know how to start the proscess. If anyone could help me or need me to help them, please contact me:)

Sonia  · <>  ·· 19-Jul-05, Tue 23:37 UTC

I tried sending an email to Nisha using
It was bounced back.
Anyone knows of any other email id to contact Nisha???
Please let me know!

Liberty Velez  · <>  ·· 16-Jul-05, Sat 07:50 UTC

It was such an honor to meet you. I saw you at the DGA. I usually don't get impressed by people i have seen on film, but for me your film meant so much to me. I not only wrote a film analysis on it, but my (x) girlfriend introduced me to your film. All I have to say is that films like yours make the world a better place, a more cultured place, and give people like me a sense of belonging and education.

Patricia  · <>  ·· 14-Jul-05, Thu 22:36 UTC

I am 23 and very happy with my life. I have a beatuiful little girl. I have wanted to be a sergant mother for a while now. I just dont know alot about it. and, I would like it I could get some info about it?

sammy  · <>  ·· 14-Jul-05, Thu 16:55 UTC

this site is great.

Verba Krofchik  · <>  ·· 25-Jun-05, Sat 20:53 UTC

The Director of Photography, Erin King, looks like an old high school friend of mine - Ukiah High School, Class of 1986. I'd love to get in contact with her. Any ideas how I can reach her?

Hallie Aldrich  · <>  ·· 12-Jun-05, Sun 06:10 UTC

I was so happy to find you via google, and Gabriella Maselli too! Holy shit, you've done good! I'm not so impressive, but I'd love to get in contact with you again, reminisce, and catch up. I've thought about you often over the years since ULCA (do you remember me yet?)? Key words: Holly Near interview for Together Magazine, you teaching me Indian singing on Westwood Blvd...) I miss you!
Im in Seattle. I've been a contemporary dancer/choreographer for eleven years. I can see in the pictures on this website that you've maintained your humble and funloving spirt. I hope to see it again!
Lotsa love, Hallie

Kate  · <>  ··  8-Jun-05, Wed 18:02 UTC

I attended the screening of Cake last night in Woodland Hills. I thought I would pass on feedback about the film. Really like it. I felt the title should be changed to something that actually reflects the film. Great flow and right amount of comedy. Needed more Taye Digs action if you know what I mean. His sexy self wasn't portrayed for what he is known for.

dean reynolds  · <>  ··  9-May-05, Mon 22:53 UTC

nice site

jdog  ·· 18-Apr-05, Mon 03:02 UTC

Why does the imdb website have a totally wrong picture up for Cake???

Rachel  · <>  ··  7-Apr-05, Thu 17:17 UTC

Great site, I enjoyed looking around!

SUJA THOMAS  · <THOMASSUJA123@YAHOO.COM>  ·· 30-Mar-05, Wed 13:29 UTC


luca  · <>  ·· 22-Mar-05, Tue 00:52 UTC

Just a note to say this site is excellent!

Shawna  · <>  ··  2-Mar-05, Wed 04:55 UTC

Hi everyone, I was just wondering if anyone out there knows of any good adoption agencies in India? I'm wanting to adopt from there, but needing some help with my searches...Thank you!!! Shawna

Lisa  · <>  ··  4-Feb-05, Fri 23:17 UTC

Finally watched Chutney Popcorn which I enjoyed. I didn't realize how funny Jill was and am now a big fan of hers. I will now watch Crossing Jordan. I am now looking forward to watching more of your movies.

Tatiana Schreiber  · <>  ·· 24-Jan-05, Mon 17:45 UTC

Hello Nisha... I am involved with the Brattleboro Vermont Women's Film Festival. We would like to screen Chutney Popcorn at our 2005 festival. Do we need to get the film from your distributor for this? If so, what would the screening fee be? Please let me know as soon as possible as the deadline for finalizing our schedule is already past... I'm just trying to squeeze this in to a full schedule because I don't think that many people in our area have seen your film. Thanks! tatiana.

Durga  · Stanford University  · <>  ·· 19-Jan-05, Wed 05:39 UTC

I am amused to read some of the entries in this Guestbook. Guys, didn't you know it was a movie? :)
Nisha, thanks for coming to Stanford and speaking to us. I am the 'patch' guy, if you remember.. It's a brilliant movie, very creative, convincing, and well done.

Nancy Villanueva  · New York Department of Health  · <>  ··  1-Jan-05, Sat 23:15 UTC

Hi Nisha:
Let me start by saying that you are a great writer, I have purchased many Movies in the past and not to affend other writers and producers, but this movie was one of the best I have seen so far, everything looked so real, and the actors seemed to share that bonding and warmness that you don't see in other movies. Most of all I admire Jill Hennessy, her act in Crossing Jordan is great but in Chutney Popcorn she was fabulous. I hope that Jill will be in one of your next movies.

elizabeth  · <>  ·· 12-Dec-04, Sun 23:42 UTC

i recently heard about this movie from a friend of a friend...the cast looks amazing...i thought i'd check out your site before seeing the i want to see it more than ever! your site is great and i look forward to viewing all of your creations!!

another fan  ··  7-Dec-04, Tue 04:54 UTC

Can't tell you how much I enjoyed this film. Just rented it and had to look online to see if I could find out more information. Thanks so much for creating a film with complex characters dealing with real situations...and with a perfect light comedic touch. I can't wait to see what you do in the future!

Nisha's fans!  ·· 30-Nov-04, Tue 02:50 UTC

We just saw Chutney Popcorn - thanks for making this movie! We need more movies that take an honest, uplifting look at today's families.
But what I really want to know is - where can I get the soundtrack?
Looking forward to more films!

spencer john  ·· 26-Nov-04, Fri 17:14 UTC

what a beautifully crafted movie.
i love jill hennessy. thought she was great on 'law and order' and i really enjoy 'crossing jordan', but this is a very different performance. subtle, deep, funny, sexy,complicated and ultimately moving. i felt that the director really got something new out of jill and this may be her finest performance. the acting overall is terrific. i really loved how real and unforced it all was.

roy mcleod  · <my>  ·· 24-Nov-04, Wed 16:42 UTC

i loved this movie!!!!
was at the video store with my girlfriend last weekend and we picked this up. many friends had raved about it and said we HAD TO RENT IT!!!! Thank god we did! what a beautiful, sensitive, funny, touching and human story. it's been happily on my mind for the last several days. was thrilled to find this website. any plans for a chutney popcorn 2? i would love the follow these wonderful characters on the next part of their lives.

just surfing  ·· 24-Nov-04, Wed 00:05 UTC

I just loved this movie! Thank you for providing a really intelligent, funny movie.

joey  · <>  ··  3-Nov-04, Wed 02:12 UTC

just having magnapop on the soundtrack is awesome

Ashok Kumar  · Akira Rushkin Digital Entertainment  · <>  ·· 26-Oct-04, Tue 09:33 UTC

Hello Nisha ! I have gone through yr website,Page ..Well you have a lot of experience in the film making processes and yr film's have the cross-over flavour.Well anyway myself i am a Director of Photography based in India and i have 30 years of experience in Cinematography,Screenplay,Direction and other related film techniques.
I am intrested in getting in touch with you.Let me know if you will be intrested in teaming together for any god future project together where i can lend my expertise to your film.
Ashok Kumar i.s.c

Nisha Bakshani  · <>  ··  5-Oct-04, Tue 14:46 UTC

Can I be emailed when there is a showing of your movies?
Moved from S India,been here4 yrs.We desis need to laugh more..sometimes at ourselves too!
Thanks and Regds

Malena  · Ashworth College  · <>  ··  4-Oct-04, Mon 18:35 UTC

Hello, there!
I have a question to ask you guys or ladies. Where or how can I order lesbian movies? What site should I go on.
Otherwise, I would like to say I really enjoyed the movie Chutney Popcorn. By the way, how did you managed to come up with that title of the movie?

Sincerely yours,
Maylene Trump

Krista  · <>  ·· 22-Aug-04, Sun 22:24 UTC

I worked with Reena Benjamin (who is now married and has a son!) several years ago. It's really funny to come across her here! Do you have any contact with her currently? Please email me if you do. Thank you.

Bipin k.Ganatra  · GAN EXIM (P) LTD  · <>  ·· 22-Aug-04, Sun 14:15 UTC

I was very delighted to see the progress of a GANATRA.

Rose  · n/a  · <>  ·· 18-Jul-04, Sun 21:19 UTC

Thanks for the great site!

nishasagar  · <nisha_sagar>  ·· 15-Jul-04, Thu 14:17 UTC

i like u plz chat

Jim  · USPS  · <>  ·· 10-Jul-04, Sat 20:38 UTC

I met Nisha November 7, 2003 in New York. I had only heard about her and her work through a friend who is a huge fan of Nisha. After I met Nisha I finaly got see one of her movies, "Chutney Popcorn", and now I want to see all of them. She is a very nice and attractive woman and I wish her all the luck in life and success in her career. I can't wait to see her newest film. Good luck Nisha and have fun too.

Mark O'Grady  · <>  ·· 24-Jun-04, Thu 20:55 UTC

My daughter Shannon met Nisha on the set of Cake today [24 6 04]. She had a great experience and is very sorry she forgot to wish Nisha a happy birthday. So from the entire O'Grady family: Happy Birthday Nisha.

jo gerner  · <>  ·· 23-Jun-04, Wed 09:11 UTC


natalienicola  · <>  ··  2-Jun-04, Wed 03:25 UTC

I was wondering where I could find a listing of the songs used in the film and the Indian films they came from?

Russell  · <>  ·· 30-May-04, Sun 15:16 UTC

Thanks for the info.

Angela Burston  · <>  ·· 17-May-04, Mon 16:51 UTC

Chutney Popcorn rocks! Well done.

vicky  · <>  ·· 15-May-04, Sat 05:24 UTC

Nisha don't know if you read your guestbook, but i love your work. You are the epitomy of what i would love to have in my life. muchos besos to you. that means lots of kisses

Kim  ·· 14-May-04, Fri 02:19 UTC

Betty Abourezk do you have another email address? The address on this site wouldn't let me email you.

chinkara  ·· 12-May-04, Wed 22:03 UTC

Hello New York area Filmmakers—
The New York 48 Hour Film Project RETURNS
We’re back on the weekend of June 18-20 to see which
NY Filmmakers have what it takes to write, shoot and
edit a short film in just 48 hoursl
Last year’s New York winner, “Trash: A Time Travel
Odyssey” was screened at SXSW this year.
This year’s competition is limited to 24 teams.
All completed films will be screened at the Anthology
Film Archive
The entry deadline is May 21.
The Best of NY winner will receive Avid’s DV Express
For information about entering the 2004 Project,
please go to:

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