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* * Drown Soda
 a film by
 Nisha Ganatra
 new york university


The Story
deals with the life of a young girl, whose parents get divorced. At 16, Alicia struggles with her budding sexuality, athletic ambitions, and her parents' recent divorce. The pressure of soothing her father's insecurities and quieting her mother's emotional outbursts, all the while searching for her own identity, forces Alicia into a tenuous balancing act. She must choose to either live out the half-lives of her parents, or to boldly carve out her own path.

This film is in Color and B/W, and is 11 minutes long.


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Drown Soda at AtomFilms

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The film was completed in July 1997.
It premiered on 19 July '97 at the 20th Annual Asian American International Film Festival organized by Asian CineVision, in the city of New York.

As part of the Asian CineVision screenings, it will be shown in many other cities in the US, starting this summer. Be sure to try to catch it when it is in your city!


The Characters

Kieren van den Blink plays Alicia.
Susan Bruyn plays her mother.
Tirlok Malik plays the Indian father, who is now divorced from his American wife.


The Makers

Written & Directed by:    Nisha Ganatra
Produced by:    Katherine Lindberg & Nisha Ganatra
Director of Photography:    Matthew Clark
Edited by:    Jane Pia Abramowitz
Sound Editor:    Jennifer Ralston
Music:    Renee Seinfeld

Stills from Drown Soda

[*] [*] [*]

[[Alicia Diving, In Air]] [[Alicia With Mom]]

[*] [*] [*]

[[Alicia With Dad]] [[Alicia Diving, Entering Water]]

[*] [*] [*]

Friends of Drown Soda

Third Wave (3wave) is the non-profit sponsor of this film.
New York University and many Independent Film Makers are supporting us by covering our expenses for equipment rental, salary costs for production personnel, and insurance costs.

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