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CD/DVD Inserts with QR Code

cdlabelgen, version 4.3.0, march 2013
© 2001-2013, Avinash Chopde

Output in PostScript format

Source Code Available

Create inserts and envelopes online, visit:
Online CD/DVD Inserts - Fill-In Form

Note: As of March 2013, it creates Postscript output files only.

Using the Online CD/DVD Inserts and Envelopes web interface

The term "cover" is used to represent the front door of a CD jewel case. The term "tray card" is used to represent the rear tray of the CD jewel case. It is a bit tricky to open the tray card to put an insert in there, but it can be done. Nowadays, there are "slim cd cases" available, these are half-height CD jewel cases. They do not have a removable tray card area, so only the front cover can be used for an insert. There is also the "Create Envelope for CD/DVD" option, which creates a foldable cut-out suitable for using as an envelope for a CD/DVD.

Inside inserts for DVDs are created by creating a foldable two-page insert, outside inserts are similar, except they also have a spine. Note that DVD inserts may not fit in Letter or A4 sized paper, a bigger paper size may be required.

The list of items is printed as the table of contents for the CD/DVD. Each item should be in a line by itself, each empty line counts as an item, this produces a line skip in the output. Adding empty lines between items or at the end of the list of items can be used to get the contents to lineup in columns. To indent a particular item, add spaces to the beginning of the line. In addition, each item can be printed using a normal font, a bold font, a italic font, or a bold italic font using code words in the first column of the item - see examples below.

Items are printed in a multi-column format, if the item is too big to fit in the column, the item text will be truncated, unless the option "Enable Scaling Down of Items" is selected - in which case, the entire item will be scaled down to fit in the column (note that for very large item texts, this may make the item unreadable!).

If you have a large number of items, it may also be useful to select the option to "Omit Title & Subtitle on Tray", which gives more space for the items.

This online interface produces Adobe PostScript or Adobe PDF output. The PostScript file can be printed on a PostScript printer, the PDF file on any printer if you have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your PC. This online interface also produces a black and white GIF image which is not suitable for printing, but is good enough for review purposes, so you can keep tweaking your input trying various combinations in the web form until you like the way it looks.

All the input text to cdlabelgen is assumed to be in ISO Latin1 format.

Barcodes also supported - QR code, Code 39

The online interface supports creating barcode logos, so this tool can be used as a barcode generator also, in addition to printing CD/DVD inserts with barcodes.
The results page shows an output GIF of the insert with the barcode, and it also contains a link to just the barcode in an PostScript file.

Many forms of barcodes are supported including the very common QR code and Code 39 types. The drop-down list in the online interface for this tool shows all supported types.

Barcode information:
Wikipedia: QR code
Wikipedia: Code 39
GD::Barcode::Image is the Perl module used for barcode generation.

Tips, Examples, Help

Here are some examples that show how the output looks based on various input combinations, and some tips on using this program.
Note: The Online Interface does not offer all the controls necessary to create all these examples - some of these examples can be created only by installing and using cdlabelgen directly (usually on a Linux system).

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