2011 Main Stage (and videos)

2011 Main Stage (and videos)

A street section was paved over to make a permanent viewing area. So now this new main stage can hold even larger crowds...

Some video snippets from performances at this and different venues at the festival:
2011-July-4 performances:

The main event of the whole concert, originally formed in Athens, Georgia, USA - the B-52s:
B-52s Rock Lobster
Fireworks after B-52s
From Jazz Fest blurb: "Over close to 30 years of funky existence, they've sold more than 20 million albums to wigged-out fans and laced the culture with plenty of hits including global smashes Rock Lobster, Planet Claire and Love Shack. They've stamped their musical signature, idiosyncratic style and beehive hairdos in every corner of alternative pop-rock, from post-punk to dance, from garage rock to new wave. They've got a reputation as the world's greatest party band."

And at 11PM, the last performance of entire festival:
Nina Attal (1)
Nina Attal (2)
Nina Attal (10 min clip)
From Jazz Fest blurb: "Now blazing across Festival radar, this blueswoman sings, slings guitar like a rock goddess and writes her own songs… at the tender age of 19! One smokin’ solo is enough to convince anyone of this young lady’s incredible talent!"

2011-July-2 performances:

Alex Wilson (1)
Alex Wilson (2)
Alex Wilson (3)
"Alex Wilson: Fusion of blues and rock"

Side performace - a seesaw