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ITRANS Song Book

[ Song Lyrics, Plays, and Texts, in Indian Scripts ]

This page is here for historical purposes, for currently active archives and song collections, please visit the other main collections site, for example: giitaayan

- January 2006

Song lyrics and plays displayed in English (using ITRANS encoding) and in Devanagari (using dynamic fonts). NOTE: they no longer display in Devanagari. Visit the external site instead: giitaayan

ISB: Hindi

Hindi film songs, 3000 lyrics.
More songs at the current isongs archive: giitaayan

ISB: Urdu Poetry

Around 1000+ gazals and nazms.
Song files from: Nita's Urdu Poetry Page.

ISB: Marathi

Around 100+ lyrics, Marathi songs.
Song files from: ITRANS Song Book Archive.
Even more marathi songs are available at: Shatataarakaa.

The Main Collections

I do not maintain these archives, the links above are just mirrors of the main collections stored elsewhere. If you wish to add a song or correct some mistakes, please visit the following pages for information or visit the Usenet newsgroup

Download ISongs Collection

For those who wish to download the ISongs collection at this web-site (including both the ITRANS English encoded songs, and the Xdvng dynamic font version), there are ZIP archives of the folder available.

Note that these are the old, original archives, they only contain a small number of songs. For current archive collections, visit the links provided elsewhere on this page, in the main collections section. [ 200 kbytes] contains a few top level HTML and perl files. [6500 kbytes] contains the hindi lyrics folder. [ 200 kbytes] contains the marathi lyrics folder. [2800 kbytes] contains the urdu ghazals folder.

Technical Information Section

Viewing Dynamic Fonts Text

Viewing the Devanagari (or Gujarati, Bengali, etc) text in the song archives may require you to install fonts on your computer.

Why is the Hindi/Marathi/etc Text so Big?

The lyrics in Devanagari use large scaling to make the text look readable on the computer screen (tested with 800x600 and above) using the Xdvng font. I don't know of any other way of making it look good for most people. The font specification is in a single CSS file (look at the devanagari HTML page source for details), so it may be possible for sites to locally use their own CSS file instead of the one I supply, to reduce (or enlarge!) the text as required.

Testing - Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0+ Dynamic Fonts (EOT) - Test IE 4+

If the pages do not work, one fix may be to install the xdvng font on your computer. Save the xdvng1__.ttf file locally, and Install the font. On Windows, use the Start -> Control Panel -> Fonts -> Install New Font command. Saving the font on your system may also make printing and cut-n-paste work.

All fonts available for installation on your computer:

Testing - All Browsers - (Mozilla Firefox, etc) Test All Browsers

FireFox 1.0 users will be able to view the pages in Hindi if the "Unicode" version of the xdvng font is installed. If you have "Symbol" encoding version, it will not work. The links to font files above are to the ISO 10646-2 encoding versions of xdvng, and they will work.

Creating Dynamic Fonts

The dynamic fonts are bound to a fixed set of URLs, so copying the *.eot files from this site will not work on your site.

Dynamic fonts for Microsoft Internet Explorer can be created using the free Microsoft WEFT tool (for IE support with EOT files).

Online Interface to ITRANS

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