NetLibrary Media Center - Belongs in the Trash Bin

So my local library is using NetLibrary for renting out audio books.

This was working just fine, though the download process was a three-step thing - first download to local computer, play MP3 to obtain license, and then copy to portable MP3 player using Windows MediaPlayer. But - this process worked just fine, with no problems.

Then, in their infinite wisdom, the NetLibrary people have unleashed a separate stand-alone Windows program, called "NetLibrary Media Center" - which is supposed to make downloads easier. Good idea - but pretty bad execution.

Be warned - that program is nothing but grief. First of all, its user-interface is from the dark ages - windows that cannot be moved or re-sized, clunky buttons, no good feedback on actions or what it is doing.

But - it also deletes all files in folders without warning. Yes, here is a program that NetLibrary asks to be downloaded to make transferring eAudioBooks easier, and that program will clean out certain folders. If you go into Preferences, and point the folder to a different location, NetLibrary will delete all files without any warning. And with all this, it did not recognize the MP3 player plugged in - which Windows Media Player located just fine. So, there was no way to actually transfer the audio to the player.

This program belongs in the trash bin - it is one of the most poorly designed - and useless - utilities developed. And of course, now that NetLibrary has this new program, their old way of downloading a audiobook to the local disk does not work. The web pages claim it works, but it ends up in "Requested page could not be found" error. Thankfully, there is a way around this - in the Web NetLibrary account "Edit My Account" page, uncheck the Download Preference "Use NetLibrary Media Center". This should reset the download option, and show the link to download the CD-quality MP3 which can be copied to portable players.

NetLibrary Media Center program is a complete dud. Does not work, and when it does do something, it is basically to delete all files without warning. Amazing that people still develop software like this and unleash it onto the world.



UI out of the dark ages?!? I wonder what dark ages you come from because the NetLibrary Media Center sure beats your standard battleship gray applications foisted off by other companies. The animations are pretty slick on a modern machine (not so good on the 486 in the basement). The menus only show actions you can actually take, as opposed to dead ends.

Your other complaints seem to be user error. I've used the system and have seen none of the things you have. It doesn't delete my files, it moves them to the new location I specified. I've watched the program mature and it's a lot better than the first release (honestly, that was pretty bad).

But, Your Mileage May Vary.

Still problems with the application

I have no search ability. I can search for an author or title that I see in front of me on the screen, and I get no items found. I'm using Firefox latest, XP Pro and a Toshiba laptop.
I have written a number of Windows apps over the years (starting with Windows 1.0), and it's not that difficult to do. If I had to guess, they are only testing it on one computer with, maybe, Java runtime installed. I'm not certain they know.
Anyway, the download works OK. I just have to wade through the lists by alphabetizing the column I'm interested in and scrolling through. My library (New York Public) is more direct, and it searches well.