On Recipes Here

The food category contains recipes, and restaurant information in various cities.


Recipes listed here are mainly comfort food - things you want to eat to remind you of your childhood, that involved growing up in Bombay and Ahmedabad.

Many people complain of recipes not being reproducible - well, all the recipes here are also not capable of being reproducible - it all depends on the cook! So, these are mainly approximations, to be taken as guidelines.

What makes something comfort food? If eaten every day, would it loose that classification?

Instead of storing these on my computer, easier to store on the web, so I can search for it when I need it.

Nowadays, I can enjoy a turkey-sub with mayo, go nuts over smoked-meat in Montreal, crave good quality steak cooked medium-rare with a side of creamed spinach, and try to keep the argument between thin-crust NY pizza vs thick-crust Chicago pizza going on and on - but one does need variety, so that is when the comfort food need kicks in, and that usually involves one of the recipes listed here.