New York City

There it is, New York City, and what more needs to be said about it? Is there any other city as amazing as Manhattan, NY? To me, Manhattan is at the top of the heap as a people-watching place. Everyone is so hurried here, everyone does everything for a purpose, everyone is so motivated and believes strongly in everything they do, everyone is so efficient with their time (no watching sunsets here), and of course, people are truly quite unfriendly here (you haven't lived until you get a tongue-lashing from a NYCer -- "do I look like I am here to give you directions" -- when all you did is ask if Broadway is to the East or to the West of you!).

I love the city; I wouldn't live there - too fast paced to handle, but it is great to visit. And frankly, it does not deserve its bad reputation -- it is not really that dangerous anymore (it used to be scary a long time ago. I remember having to remove the radio from my car before parking in Manhattan, but that is now decades old history), and the people are really not that unfriendly -- you just have to persist a bit longer, and you'll find people who are very helpful. As to the food, it does not disappoint -- you can find any kind of food you want, and it will be superb in almost any restaurant -- NYCers see to it that only the good restaurants survive to stay open!

In addition to the sections below, more on food along with pictures is in the New York gallery section. Includes pointers to great Sichuan food.