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Fast Food High



It's a fast-paced teen drama with a side order of inspiration.

Shot in Toronto last summer, Fast Food High tells the story of Emma Redding, a young fast food restaurant employee who musters her inner Erin Brockovich and tries to start a union.

When new management takes over the local fast food restaurant, favoritism, unstable hours and sexual harassment come with it. Eager to do something about it, Emma risks losing her job, her boyfriend, and her status with the "in" crowd as she squares off against big business in the greatest challenge of her young life.

Starring in the lead role is accomplished teen actor Alison Pill (The Pilot's Wife, Life with Judy Garland: Me and My Shadows) who plays Emma Redding. Emma is popular, both at school and at her part-time job, until she takes on the role of union organizer at work. Joining Pill is film and television star Gil Bellows (Ally McBeal, The Shawshank Redemption) who plays Dale, the incoming conniving manager of the fictional fast food restaurant, Patty's. Dale is a first class sleaze who sexually harasses the girls and browbeats the guys. His manipulative behavior creates an unworkable environment, which inspires Emma to spearhead the drive to unionize.

Pill and Bellows are supported by a teen ensemble cast featuring Sarah Gadon (La Femme Nikita) as Zoe, Emma's best friend; John White (Haven) plays Adam; Joe Dinicol (The Virgin Suicides) is Scott, Emma's boyfriend; and Andrea Lui (Earth: Final Conflict) plays Jamie. Character actor, John Kapelos (The Breakfast Club, Seinfeld) plays Emma's protective father John.  Award-winning actor Kevin Tighe plays Dave Richter, the owner of Patty's. Tighe is best known for his leading role in the popular medical drama, Emergency. His numerous film appearances include What's Eating Gilbert Grape, Eight Men Out and Another 48 Hours.

Fast Food High is directed by Nisha Ganatra.  The young director is the product of the prestigious New York University Film School, where she studied with Martin Scorcese, Barbara Kopple and Spike Lee. Ganatra signed on to direct the hit television series MTV Real World and Road Rules.  Her first film, Chutney Popcorn (starring Jill Hennessy ) achieved critical acclaim. The film went on to earn a Best Feature nod at the Los Angeles and San Francisco film festivals and Audience Awards at the Berlin International Film Festival and Newport Festival.

Fast Food High is produced in association with CTV by Accent Entertainment and CCI Entertainment. Executive Producers are Susan Cavan (Superstar, Stealing Harvard) and Nancy Chapelle (I Was A Rat, Virtual Mom). Producer is Paul Brown (I Was A Rat). Writers are Jackie May and Tassie Cameron.

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Movie stars Alison Pill and features Gil Bellows

Director: Nisha Ganatra

Writer: Tassie Cameron
Screenwriter: Jacki May
Exe. Producer: Nancy Chapelle
Producer: Paul Brown

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Current Screenings:
CTV Signature Movie: Tuesday, Feb 25 at 9pm.


Review by John Doyle

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