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Fast Food High - Cast and Characters




Cast and Characters

  Alison Pill portrays lead character "Emma Redding"

Emma is a bright, attractive and confident 16-year old who is not afraid to speak her mind. She is a deep-rooted, down-to-earth individual who values honour, integrity and sincerity in others. Emma tries to organize the first unionized Patty's restaurant after deciding to stand up to new management who has implemented unpleasant staff working conditions.

Pill has forged a very successful career in film and television. In 2000, she was nominated Best Actress by the Burbank Children's International Film Festival for her role in the television feature film The Dinosaur Hunter. In 1999, her lead role in Devine Entertainment's Degas and The Dancers earned her a nomination for a Young Artist's Award and a Golden Sheaf Award in the Best Performance category.

Pill has appeared in the ABC mini series Life With Judy Garland: Me And My Shadows. Pill's other credits include the feature film What Girls Learn (Showtime), The Pilot's Wife (CBS), Holiday Romance (CBS), The Other Me (Disney), and A Stranger In Town (Showtime).

  Sarah Gadon portrays character "Zoe Munroe"

Zoe, Emma's best friend, is a trendy, popular teen who has a tendency to be shallow and egocentric. As Emma gets more involved in her union campaign and starts to round up the support of Patty's workers who belong to the "loser" crowd, Zoe distances herself from Emma. During the course of Emma's union campaign, Zoe goes to great lengths to betray her best friend.

Gadon's impressive film and television credits include nominations for a Young Artist Award for her performance in Disney's feature film The Other Me. Recently, she guest starred on the popular show Mutant X. Gadon has also starred in Fox Family's television special Mom's on Strike and was the series lead in Nickelodeon's pilot project, The Strange Legacy of Cameron Cruz.

  John White portrays character "Adam"

Adam is a bit of an outsider - slender, shy and soft-spoken. He is the type who will stand back and observe, but when a situation demands action he rises to the occasion. He is genuine in his concern for others and will go to the extreme to help out a friend. Adam is Emma's "right-hand man" who helps her gain union supporters. Over the course of the campaign's ups and down Adam finds himself drawn to Emma's sincere commitment to making a difference for Patty's workers.

White's numerous film credits include leading roles in Showtimes' The Fixer (as Jon Voight's son), Gatorface and Johnny and Clyde. He is currently filming the feature film, How To Deal with Mandy Moore & Alison Janney.

  Joe Dinicol portrays character "Scott"

Scott mirrors the average popular teen who skateboards and parties, yet is conservative, dutiful and prudent when it comes to making decisions. When Emma, Scott's girlfriend, needs his commitment to support her union campaign, Scott's sense of loyalty and duty to Patty's is threatened. Tensions between Scott and Emma snowball as Scott tries to balance his feelings for Emma and his desire to play it safe.

Dinicol has forged a successful film, television and stage career. An award-winning stage actor, Dinicol was nominated for a Sears Drama Festival Award in 1998 for excellence in acting, and a Guthrie Award from the Stratford Festival in 1996. His stage credits include the lead role in Kelly Robinson's The Needfire (2000) at the Royal Alexandra Theatre in addition to starring roles in the Stratford Festival's Richard III (1997) and Waiting For Godot (1996).

Dinicol's film credits include MTV's pilot project Starbabes, the feature film Kart Racer, Facts of Life, ABC's The Loretta Claiborne Story, and the Virgin Suicides.

  Gil Bellows portrays character "Dale"

Dale, Patty's new manager, is a good-looking man with an ill-fitting smile and mustache. At first glance, Dale presents himself in an unassuming way, but when he speaks one can see that he is a serious man with a need for control. He watches his employees like a hawk, noticing every imperfection and irregularity and tries to control them as much as possible. Dale is manipulative and coy, managing relationships with people as if they are pawns on a chessboard.

Gil Bellows' diverse repertoire of film, television and stage roles have earned him accolades within the entertainment industry and widespread popular acclaim.

Bellows is best known for his lead role as "Billy Thomas," in the Golden-Globe Award-winning series Ally McBeal. He and his fellow cast received a Screen Actors Guild award for Best Ensemble in a Comedy Series. Bellows most recently starred in The Agency for CBS. He also starred opposite Jon Voight in the upcoming movie Second String, and Snow White: Tale of Terror with Sigourney Weaver.

Bellows gained attention among filmgoers and critics for his portrayal of an inmate with a penchant for knowledge in the critically lauded Shawshank Redemption opposite Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman. Shortly after, Bellows won the hearts of moviegoers when he appeared opposite Sarah Jessica Parker in Miami Rhapsody. His additional film credits include Love and a .45, Richard III, The Assistant, Dinner at Fred's Judas Kiss.

Bellows has appeared off-Broadway in A Snake in the Vein Playwrights Horizon's production of Flaubert's Latest and Best of Schools. He is a founding member of the Seraphim Theater Company in New York for whom he starred in True West, Road, and The User's Waltz.

  Kevin Tighe portrays character "Dave Richter"

This handsome, 50-ish new owner of Patty's is a well-groomed ex-jock who has a certain charisma about him. He carries himself in a light-hearted way and on the surface, is very concerned about the needs and wants of Patty's employees. Dave show his true colours, however, when tensions arise and the heat is on him to address employee complaints. Instead of taking any action, Dave uses Dale to do his dirty work.

Best known for his lead role on the TV series "EMERGENCY", Tighe's numerous film credits include: Mumford, Newsies, School Ties, Another 48 Hours, Eight Men Out, What's Eating Gilbert Grape.

He has made many appearances in television, including roles in Murder One, Freaks and Geeks, ER, Chicago Hope, The West Wing.

  John Kapelos portrays character "John Redding"

In his mid-40's, John is a protective, devout and caring father to Emma. Having spent over 20 years as a senior representative of a prominent labour organization, John understands the politics of union organization and is more than familiar with the battles union organizers face in fighting large corporate giants. John discourages Emma from launching a union campaign because he wants to protect her from being disappointed yet his daughter's conviction to stand up to address the injustices at Patty's makes him proud of her efforts.

John Kapelos has been a professional actor for more than twenty-four years. His big-screen credits include several movies directed by John Hughes such as Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club and Weird Science . Both Roger Ebert and The New York Times lauded his performance in The Deep End of The Ocean. Kapelos also starred in Fred Schepisi's classic Roxanne (as the skirt-chasing fireman Chuck) and in Garry Marshall's Nothing In Common (as Tom Hanks' best friend, Roger St. John). In stark contrast, John displayed a dramatic intensity as James Woods' destructive associate in The Boost and as the patricidal Stephen Arrocas, who hires hit man Richard Gere, in Internal Affairs. In HBO's highly acclaimed film The Late Shift, Kapelos employed his comic and dramatic talents as David Letterman's producer Robert Morton.

On television, Kapelos is recognized for his frequent appearances on the popular comedy series Senfield. He had feature roles in the mini-series Onassis: The Richest Man In The World (ABC), State of Grace (ABC). John's improvisational flair and comic timing were showcased in his eight years at Second City in Chicago. On stage, Kapelos has many credits to his name including a co-starring role in Chicago's Steppenwolf Theatre Company's production Drama Vicious with the then unknown, George Clooney.

  Vik Sahay portrays character "Evan"

Evan is a 30-something hipster who is typically dressed in shades, boots and slim-fitting attire. He is Emma's "lead union man", the first person to take Emma's complaints about Patty's seriously and help her attempt to launch an organized union. While Evan wants Emma and the others to believe he is helping them, he clearly has his own agenda. Evan is only interested in getting press and riding the coat tails of Emma's success should she form the first unionized Patty's restaurant. How did you become involved with the project?

Sahay is an accomplished actor with many film and television credits. He received the Comedy Award Nomination for Best Male Actor in A Series for his performance in the drama series Our Hero. Sahay's major film credits include a role in the blockbuster film Good Will Hunting starring Matt Damon and David Cronenberg's "eXistenZ".

Among his theatre credits, Sahay has starred in many Shakespearian productions, including: Midsummer Night's Dream, Macbeth, Twelfth Night and Romeo and Juliet. He also played "Anish Das" in Canadian Stage's production of Indian Ink. Sahay has employed his dramatic talents in such productions as A Perfect Ganesh, performed at the Vancouver Playhouse, Faust, Love & Other Games, Mango Chutney and The Peer Gynt Project.

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