Bánh Mì

Bánh Mì

These are bánh mì sandwiches which use french baguettes and are filled with just the right amount (not too much) of meat. The menu is from Cao Thang at 1082 St-Laurent, just below René-Levèsque. There are three or more shops that sell these, right around and across this shop, and they are all excellent. The one across at Hoang Oanh at 1071 St. Laurent is especially good, probably the best of all in this area. The combination of the french bread hard crust and soft interior and the unique fillings invented by the Vietnamese is quite tasty. The green chillies give it an extra bite - ask for it! [2009 prices.]


Hoang Oanh near Jean-Talon Market

Hoang Oanh also has a shop up in my neighbourhood (Jean-Talon market area) on St-Denis just north of Jean-Talon, on the west side of the street. . 7178 St. Denis (very close to Jean-Talon métro, just east of the Market).

Tel: (514) 271-8668