ParsingError File contains Parsing errors: /etc/blockhosts.cfg [line126]: '}\n'

Quite new to python. Apparently I have horked up the blockhosts.cfg file. I followed the instructions exactly and only deleted the comment (#) from the beginning of the line. Installed blockhost 1.0.6 on a Ubuntun 6.06 LTS Server for a ProFtpd. run --verbose get the following:
ParsingError: File contains parsing errors: /etc/blockhosts.cfg
[line 126]: '}\n'
ERROR: exiting: Error reading config file: File contains parsing errors: /etc/blockhosts.cfg
[line 126]: '}\n'

I tried reinstalling blockhost to overwrite the blockhost to try again, did not help still horked up. Obviously there is a carriage return somewhere there should not be.

not you, it is kit problem

The shipped blockhosts.cfg has an error - the last } should have four spaces in front.

So, line 126 should really be:
where are there are four space characters before the curly brace.

But - you said you also did a re-install - did you do a "make install" or a "python install --force" from the .zip or .tar.gz source archives? That should have overwritten your blockhosts.cfg, back to the one from the kit, which has comment characters in front of all these lines, so should load without any problems. RPM install may not overwrite files - look for a renamed /etc/blockhosts.cfg in /etc, and rename it back to overwrite your changes.

In any case, this has been fixed in BlockHosts version 1.0.7, which is available now.