Mexico City - Food Glossary

Even armed with number of guides, I was at a loss to read most menus or street vendor food signs in Mexico City. So, here's a list of the words that you may encounter in the city - feel free to do a web or dictionary search, my explanations (where available) are only approximate!

al mojo de ajo - fish with garlic?

alambre - meat, onions, peppers, bacon, all grilled, on a tortilla, optionally with hot layer of cheese on top

arranchera - thin sliced grilled steak, with spices and cilantro

cafe de olla - black coffe, with sugar, and maybe sweet spices

cecina - beef, thin sliced, salted, dried in the sun

chicharron - pork rinds - boil pork skin then bake it and/or fry

chicharron de queso - at Charco de las Ranas, crepe-like cheese dish

chuleta - pork chop

churros rellenos - con chocolate, cajeta o lechera - filled churros, with chocolate, or milk-caramel, or sweetened condensed milk

costilla - T-bone steak (?)

cuerno de jamon

enfrijoladas - tortillas dipped in mashed black beans, served with chile de arbol hot sauce

estilo español - spanish style, for example, chocolates estilo español

frijoles - beans
- charros - "cowboy" beans - long cooked, with bacon, chorizo, onions, cumin, oregano, chillies, etc
- de la olla con totopos - pinto beans, with fried tortillas (?)
- refritos - refried beans

machitos de carnero - sheep intestine, boiled, braided, and then fried

maciza - boneless pork meat

milanesa - sandwich, with thin slice of meat, and possibly avocado, onion, chillies, etc

nopal - fleshy part of cactus

pasta seca, pasta seca surtida - cookies?

picante normal, or mas picante - normal hot spice, or more hot spice

pizza - rebanada, personal, familiar - pizza - slice, small, or regular

quesadilla comalera - antojitos? at cafe tacuba

quesos - cheeses
- cazuela de queso fundido - clay pot mexican cheese fondue
- choriqueso - chorizo and cheese
- volcan

quesito zarzamora - donut with a kind of cheese?

sincronizada - tortilla sandwich

sopes - fried, stuff tortillas, not to be confused with sopas - soups!

- al pastor - sliced pork, grilled on a vertical rotating spit
- de carne asada al carbon, grilled meat, with many choices of garnishes
- de fritanges - fried meat, cooked in a special pan with a deep well
- de cabeza - head parts
- de carnitas - pork meat, various body parts
- costilla - ribs
- corazon - heart
- cuerito - skin
- higado - liver
- oerjas - ears
- nana - uterus
- surtida
- maciza - boneless pork meat
- cachete - cheek
- trompa - snout
- ojo - eye
- molleja - neck
- sesos - cow brains
- suadero - thin cuts of breast-bone beef meat
- longaniza - pork sausage

tinga - stewed pork


Historical sites

I lived in Mexico city 25 years, and it has to much things to visit. I recomend you the ZOCALO, ZONA ROSA, COYOACAN (perfect to visit on saturday), CIUDAD UNIVERSITARIA (university campus) TEOTIHUACAN (the most beautiful pyramids of America) CHAPULTEPEC CASTLE and CHAPULTEPEC WOODS, GARIBALDI (famous by the mariachis) and PALACIO DE BELLAS ARTES. You can also visit Reforma Ave. one of the largest streets in Mexico that cross from Chapultepec castle to Garibaldi, The Azteca stadium, and Insurgentes ave. the largest street in the city (from indios verdes to the exit to Cuernavaca) aprox. 35 miles. this street cross the city side by side from north to south. Mexico has so many beautiful things, but the best one, is their people, friendly, warm and always predisponed to help, it's a espectacular city by day or night

skin tacos ew.

skin tacos ew.

Definition for sopes

Gorditas are stuffed tortillas and Sopes are topped off tortillas that are hand made.


not even you should check out the eye tacos and the brain tacos....thats whats up with us mexicans im starting to belive that we'll eat anything...jaja


a very popular thing to eat in mexico are
-tacos de chapulins
which are tacos with grasshoppers!