Flor De Mayo

Flor de Mayo 2651 Broadway, between 100th and 101st streets, The Upper West Side.
Also at 484 Amsterdam Ave, between 83rd and 84th streets.
Spanish & Chinese Cuisine

Food Rating: 4 stars/4 Value Rating: 3 stars/4

Their rotisserie chicken is superb. From the menu, Pollo a la brasa - Peruvian Special Chicken, Whole - "looks like a regular roast chicken, but the difference is our special ingredients". And this is true, fantastic chicken, nicely spiced (lemon? garlic? cilantro?).

Have not eaten anything else from their extensive menu, always go for the takeout - "two whole chickens cut-up". The menu has Peruvian dishes, Hong Kong Special items, Spanish items, as well as the standard Americanized-Chinese dishes.

This restaurant find is courtesy of the New York Times article "In Quest of the Perfect Roast Chicken", dated February 23, 2005, by Julia Moskin.