Sal and Carmine Pizza

Food Rating: 3 stars/4 Value Rating: 4 stars/4
Sal and Carmine, Pizza at 2671 Broadway, between 101st St and 102nd St.

Sal and Carmine

New York pizza at its best - thin crust variety.

Get the spinach pizza here. Could do with a bit less salt, but all in all, some of the best pizza you'll find anywhere.

I should say I like both thin and thick crust pizza - the original Uno's in Chicago has some of the best thick crust pizza, but there are many others in Chicago with great thick crust pizza. So, thin or thick, as long as it is pizza, keep it coming! Except for that abomination called Hawaiian Pizza - keep that away from me! I never understood why sweet toppings like pineapple should go on a pizza, and even chicken is borderline, rarely acceptable - what amazes me is the existence of a whole chain dedicated to such food, California Pizza Kitchen, atleast the name is good warning for guys like me to stay away!

Only acceptable pizza toppings are the standard ones: cheese, pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, green peppers, anchovies, onion, and so on. None of the Californian or Hawaiian stuff!

Rumors! There have been continuing rumors that the owners are going to close the place down. Sep 2006, rumors were strong that it finally was closing - but in 2007 the place was still open.