March 2003

I’m not sure how I feel about this

(thanks to martina)

here enjoy!

The song “Hot Shot City” is particularly good.

(thanks to Roger)

Everyone should read this as soon as possible. And then pass it on!

Really, some of
us do!

Does this make sense to anyone else? Because I would love an explanation.

Three hours and many many steps up the Guggenheim ramps all for what?
” the cremaster muscle releases and the testicles descend.”

Apparently, I am not the intended audience for the Cremaster Cycle.

I know I will be made fun of for going to a “Poetry Slam” in a year post 1993
BUT the Def Poetry Slam was worth it. Especially the poets from Youth Speaks in Oakland, CA. Just when I thought our country is going to illiterate hell - some 18 year old blows me away with her literary skill.
When Chinaka speaks, I listen.

Cara Buono turned me on to this:

lift away moments of self hate

Thanks Cara!

Okay - so we edited out way too much of the film. It’s weird how you can be cutting and then accidentally cut out the entire set up for a joke. Then you sit and wonder why the audience didn’t laugh because in your mind you already know the set up. How to keep perspective… now Jane and I have to go figure out what to put back in… I love editing. It is scary how you can make many totally different movies though. I always wonder if the final version was the right one or just the one we got to at the time…

Tomorrow we (Jane the editor and I) have to figure out how to trim 3 minutes off of Cosmopolitan for the PBS version of the film. I was flipping channels and caught Carol Kane beating the crap out of Bill Murray in “Scrooged”. I wonder if we should’ve added a fight scene between her and Roshan Seth.

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