September 2003

If that Jed Bartlet doesn’t get his ass back to work the whole world is gonna be on the brink of World War III. Damn it - he do look a lot like Emilio Estevez when they show his profile though don’t he?

The tallest person in the movie theater sitting right in front of me is directly proportional to the amount of time I’ve given up to get to the movie early. Aside from that - Lost In Translation had some great music…

CNN headline news just reported that the South has the “highest growth rate for Hispanics in America” The reporter then went on to state that “Hispanics are drawn to the south because of the high number of manual labor jobs in agriculture industries that are available there” Like it’s a career choice. That’s why they are drawn there, can’t wait to do all that manual labor!

Not to sound like a Canadian propagandist but… I just have to say that today the city of Montreal closed it’s downtown streets to car traffic for the annual ‘traffic free’ day that the city holds in order to keep Montreal from becoming polluted.
One day a year, is all it takes to keep the air cleaner. That’s all I’m saying. That and that the day NYC was closed to car traffic because of the snow storm was the most joyous day I’ve ever spent in Manhattan.

It looks like the Asia Society screening was cancelled and the Lincoln Center is on… there are also more screenings coming up, so if the opening night screening for IAAC Film Festival is too expensive… wait for the next screening in the coming months. Otherwise - Madhur Jaffrey, Jen Small, Sabrina Dhawan and I will see you Nov 5th!

The bagels at St-Viateur Bagels are the best bagels in the world. It is the most caught in time neighborhood where you see bags and bags of flour and sesame seeds in the window and they are pulling fresh bagels out of a huge brick oven on a giant wooden plank right before your eyes. The bagels are warm and gooey and squishy and perfect.
Yet another thing Canada does better than the U.S. Gay marriage, healthcare, decriminlization of marijuana, senior care and now bagels — what does it mean when even New Yorkers are admitting that Canada is a cooler country?

I am currently in Montreal filming and I was just informed that Montreal has the “Best Bagels in the world’ has anyone else heard this? I’m going for a taste test myself Saturday morning… but I remain very skeptical.
stay tuned.
i know, it’s so exciting.

So apparently there are a few snafus to be worked out about where Cosmopolitan is premiering and when… stay tuned.