April 2004

I am in Canada - in Toronto. I can prove it - it’s freezing here. The waterbed pod in LA is a mere rumor. The longer I live up here, and the longer Bush is in office, the prouder I am to be canadian - I have to say. So much is just — better.
Prepping the film is going well - the updates will be slow going as the film is the priority right now. But keep the fun song websites coming — for some reason they stay funny. And that’s hard.
p.s. Lorene was spotted in the east village at the crow bar trying to shoot a big commercial all by herself last week.

was none other than the very lovely, incredibly talented, Cara Buono. Cara can be seen playing the Edith Banner in the Hulk (the hulk’s mama) and is also currently on Third Watch as a blonde. She is an insanely good actor - and is in so many films with characters that you just don’t know it were her because she can morph into different people with total believability. (one of my favorites is her ditzy student in “next stop wonderland”)

And I love the idea of a game called “The Chutney Game” maybe it could be turned into an actual board game of some sort and just be out there…

Hello - just a note to let you know that I do respond to people by writing a private email back - instead of posting on the web log.
But– maybe I should just post responses here. To be honest, I’ve been away and on dial up and that is painful and no one should ever have to load a blog page on dial up in a country with slow connections. : )

Now I’m back but — I’m up in Canada prepping to make another film, as soon as it’s announced I can post updates on the lovely surprises of film production.
Stay tuned and thanks for the message - I hear you!