Jerusalem Restaurant

Food Rating: 4 stars/4 Value Rating: 4 stars/4

Broadway, corner of 104th St.

Get the combo sandwitch, the plate if you are hungry. Falafel with either chicken or gyro.

This is my regular place in NYC, I always make it a point to eat here when I arrive, and before I leave, at least!

2006 - Owners Changed Under new ownership now, I understand. Not sure it is as friendly as it was before, food also seems to have changed, so not a place I go to anymore.



I went to this place on Tues 9/19/06 and the place was so disgusting. We actually ordered food and the tabouleh spelled rancid and then when we sat down 2 roaches were crawling around our food on the table. We brought it to the attention of the cafe owner, and he just gave us a blank stare and told us to move to another table... like that was the problem. Then he hold us it came from outside. I felt really sick and just left. I was shocked by this service (or lack thereof). Stay away, unless you like your falafel to be REALLY crunchy!!