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Online Interface to Itrans

Text to Unicode converter

Customize the character mapping

Here's the default spreadsheet for itrans conversion.
There are cells with explanation notes in the spreadsheet. Additional help is available at the customize this package page.


Note: itrans uses a precise mapping of input codes to output code. It is not a phonetic conversion system, nor is it meant to be. (There are many other systems that do that.) Itrans is a table-driven, customizable mapping of input words to any Unicode character sequence.

Enter this example text in the Enter itrans input box above:

a aa | ka kSha || sa.nskRRit
cha{nukta} 0 9  Tha.N na.n OM
#telugu ka kha ## Toggle itrans mode
#oriya ka kha
#sanskrit dil  #hindi dil
{skier} {face-frown} {face-grin}
The above text shows these features:
  • vowels such as a aa, consonants such as ka Kha
  • Unicode code points such as {nukta}
  • explicit language markers such as #telugu
  • schwa deletion in Hindi and corresponding sanskrit example: dil
  • use of ## to toggle off/on the itrans mode. The toggle will disable itrans conversion, or use the last used language marker for itrans conversion, depending on whether it is the first ## or the second ## marker.
  • use of unicode names directly{face-grin}
The example text produces this output: Example output

More Examples

Spreadsheet with all itrans input codes and unicode code point names

Try these other examples to see additional features. Copy each of these snippets and enter it in the Enter itrans input box above.

  • #hindi ma shrii #kannada ta Ta
    These language markers (#hindi and #kannada) show that all the language column names from the spreadsheet or any custom loaded spreadsheet can be explicity specified in the input text.
  • In addition to loading updated spreadsheet conversion tables, this entire web page can be recreated and customized and hosted locally. It requires coding, and familiarity with Javascript, HTML, CSS, etc. Details are at the customize this package page.
  • Tamil-Sanskrit: #tamils ka kha khi khii khu khuu will work if entered like this. But #tamils is not present in the default output dropdown list because there is no font that fully supports Tamil-Sanskrit today. There are issues with rendering the superscript (or subscript) correctly. It should appear after any dependent vowels, which no font does today. Therefore, #tamils is only experimental at this time and only available for manual testing as shown in this example.

The source code for this client-side application is available at GitHub itrans link. It has the Javascript files, as well as this HTML web page and CSS files.

Please note that no technical support is available for this web page or for the tools on this web page.
If you do find a bug (note that mapping issues may not be bugs, you can modify the mapping and use a customized spreadsheet as described above), feel free to file it at the GitHub itrans issues page.

Older itrans6 online web interface - no longer available.