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Note: This page hosted the older web-server based itrans interface. It is no longer active as of 2017 onwards.

Visit the newer Javascript based Online Interface to Itrans for an interactive, customizable text to Unicode converter.

gujaraatii gujaraatii
hindii hindii
maraaThii maraaThii
sa.nskRRita sa.nskRRita
baa.laa baa.nlaa
tamiz tamiz
kannaDa kannaDa
telugu telugu
gurmukhii gurmukhii
sa.nskRRita sa.nskRRita

English-Encoded Text converted to Indian Language Scripts      

Output in HTML Unicode format:

ITRANS 6.00 primarily support Unicode output, for the following languages:
  Malayalam (Unicode only),
  Oriya (Unicode only),
  Romanized Sanskrit.

Unicode output reference tables:

Reference documents (these are old documents, based on TeX support and older versions of itrans, so here as a guide only):

Online Interface to ITRANS

Important: This interface does not translate English into Indian languages. It only does a form of transliteration - Indian Language Text encoded using the English alphabet is converted to Indian Language Scripts.
Do not use this unless you know the correct spelling of words in the Indian Language.
Online Interface to ITRANS - Fill In Form

March 2013 update: this interface now only supports Unicode output. TeX is not supported.

Tips, Examples, and Caveats

HTML Output Issues

HTML Unicode (UTF-8) Encoding

More fonts and other information available at other sites on the web:


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