Banana pudding from Magnolia Bakery. NYC Amtrak Penn Station. Take one when visiting someone or going home! Yummy!

Xian Foods, Woodside.
N1 is the Spicy Cumin Lamb with hand pulled (ripped?!) noodles. Spicy, tasty! For take home, cumin lamb burgers (but which I forgot and left on subway train 🙁 )


Astoria Seafood. Hectic place, complicated (pick fish, take to counter, wait 40+ minutes for cooking). Worth it once in a while - seafood & salad is very very good! Expensive, but good! $47 + tip for this lunch.
37-10 33rd St, Long Island City, Queens, NY


NY Pizza Suprema, 8th Ave, near Penn station. Great thin crust pizza, especially liked the White Sauce Spinach slice

The graphic in article is useful to more clearer see what is going on the video of the landing on Mars.

The Economy Does Much Better Under Democrats. Why?
"Democratic-leaning groups (...) may favor policies that lift broad-based economic growth, while Republican-leaning groups (like the wealthy) favor policies that mostly shift income toward themselves."

Can popcorn kernels pop at same time? The chances of all 300 kernels popping at the same time works out to roughly 1 in 10⁹³⁵!
Number of all atoms in the Universe is just around 10⁸⁰ - so above number is unimaginable.

Amanda Gorman: Her poem speaks of "a force that would shatter our nation rather than share it" and "destroy our country if it meant delaying democracy".
It continues: "This effort very nearly succeeded/But while democracy can be periodically delayed, ...

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