To Beat Trump, Mock Him

#TrumpIsBroke Trump’s Taxes Show Chronic Losses and Years of Income Tax Avoidance

"For five years, from Grade 7 to Grade 11, Harris attended high school in Montreal."
Another thing to like about Kamala! Go Democrats!

Zaz - On ira via @YouTube
Heard on Montreal's
Don't know French, but Google helps:
We'll go listen to Harlem on the corner of Manhattan
On ira écouter Harlem au coin de Manhattan
Vous êtes les étoiles, nous somme l'univers

This devastating video encapsulates the Trump/GOP horror show in 3 minutes

Weekend in LIC, Astoria. Fresh sugarcane juice from Steinway St @ Broadway vendor. 100ml of Bacardi White Rum. Mint leaves. Fizzy water. Mojito!
Bites: Mama's Empanadas, Steinway St. Biagra (shrimp, crab). Greek (Feta, Spinach). Wheat, fried.
Good stuff, happy July 4th 2020.

Covid-19 times. Empty empty NYC 🙁 Union Sq, NYU, Washington Sq, Village, weird feeling to walk around and not have to dodge people. Restaurants had outdoor seating, but not much - they can't survive like this.
Most everyone wearing masks, go NYC! Good behavior all around.

Sal and Carmine's Broadway at 102 St. Margherita slice. Just perfect. Not too thin, but crusty and stiff over entire slice.
Joe's Pizza Carmine St slice was off this time. Burnt too much and still not stiff crust at the tip. Will be back again though, it is a good place.

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