Jonas Tomalty and band at the Carnaval des Couleurs, #Montreal. Hard rock. No crowds yet #MTL puts up a great show! #Montreal #Estacade #Champlain is a great ride at night too. Just be aware there will be lots of bugs. And some nights, like in the movie Birds, lots of birds on the bridge (scary, but was fine in the end).

Nice bike ride from Verdun Montreal to Estacade du Pont Champlain via Nun's Island and back. Anywhere from 11km to 30km.


Summer in #montreal. Live outdoor music on Wellington St, Verdun to the huge Just for Laughs around Place des Arts.


Le Petit Alep restaurant. I always visit when I am in town. Excellent food and very nice restaurant interior. Chiche Kebab Terbialy is the best! #montreal 191 Rue Jean-Talon Est.


#Montreal new outdoor skating this past winter season. Espace Tranquille near Place des Arts. And public 2nd floor spacious Le Grand Salon for a good view.


Cabaret de Cirque - Le Monastère, Ste Catherine near Guy, Montreal. Old monastery that staged performance art theater.


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