Greenpoint, Brooklyn

630 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222, USA
Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY
630 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222, USA
Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY

Last Updated on 2018-05-27

Greenpoint is in Brooklyn, New York.

It is the northwest section of Brooklyn. It is south of Long Island City, Queens.

I explored Manhattan Ave, around Nassua Ave and Greenpoint Ave stations on the G train.

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Russ Pizza: crispy crust pizza, lot of cheese so with greasy goodness! Tomato garlic mozarella white pizza slice is great. Messy with eat with fingers, may have to resort to using a knife and fork – a very non-New York-pizza eating style, but necessary.

Little Italy pizza is also good.

Screamers Pizza: Vegan pizza is very popular too. For those who don’t the real cheese! Good pizza but nothing beats real cheese.

Xi’an Famous Foods: Chain restaurant, hand-ripped noodles. Cumin lamb noodles or burger are good choices.

Vivi Bubble Tea.

Other choices: Mexican food. Many bars. Frankel’s Deli for pastrami and corned beef.

The neighborhood is “Little Poland”. Many Polish shops and restaurants.

Rainbow Bagel: A curiosity, may be worth one vist? That is a bit futher down in East Williamsburg. Bus B43 or G or L train to Graham & Metropolitan Ave. The Bagel Store-Original Rainbow Bagel. Expensive, at $4 each (2018) while regular bagels are $1.25.

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